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3M integrated machining solution and a new generation of grooved grinding wheel product x-series release

2018-05-18 16:23:34 347browse Class:Industry news

On May 18, 3M integrated processing program and new x-series product release conference of new generation groove product was held at 3M China r&d center in tianlin road, Shanghai. Mr. Ashok Udipi, business development manager of 3M Asia Pacific, Mr. Lam kin-feng, China manager, Mr. Guo xiaodong, marketing manager and Mr. Chen weiming, technical manager, attended the meeting. About 40 representatives and customers from various industries attended the conference. In addition to the new product recommendation, 3M senior engineers from the United States, India, Germany and China also discussed the grinding technology and integrated solutions of grinding wheels with the guests.

3M highlighted the X series hybrid powerful grooved grinding wheels x-96a and x-96b, as well as the new Z92 blade grinding wheel at this conference. Mr. Janusz Hajduk, a senior technical expert in the industrial products division of 3M America LTD., pointed out that the 6PHU X series hybrid diamond emery wheel can achieve excellent surface quality and the fastest groove opening speed on hard materials. This grinding wheel requires lower spindle power consumption, higher material removal rate, excellent shape retention performance, and basically no need for dressing. X series of grinding wheels are all made of copper body with better heat dissipation, stronger grinding force, higher wear resistance of grinding wheel, better dressing interval, and more suitable for automation and unmanned production. Among them, x-96a has excellent shape retention; The material removal rate of x-96b is high, with better self-sharpening. For different product processing, 3M also has different recommendations, such as x-96a for the application of the drill and x-96 for the application of the solid milling cutter. The data showed that the diameter abrasion of the grinding wheel after 100 workpieces were processed with the X series grinding wheel was only 0.1mm, saving about 33% of the total cost. At present, X series products have been successfully matched with well-known equipment manufacturers, and launched at domestic and foreign exhibitions.

 Mr. Axel Schmidt, manager of the global cutter market of 3M from Germany, Shared the application of grinding wheel in blade grinding and recommended the new product Z92 metal mixed bond grinding wheel released this time. The development team created a better porosity/binding technology by developing a new improved Z92 metal hybrid bond grinding layer that can best locate effective abrasive particles and fix them in the binder. Z92 can perform peripheral grinding on materials such as hard metals, CBN/ metal ceramics and so on. It has higher feed rate, longer service life and higher productivity in various applications. 3M's innovation in ultra-hard grinding tools has also generated very positive customer feedback.




Raghavendra M Koneri, Asia Pacific technical expert of industrial products division of 3M India LTD., and Chen weiming, senior application engineer of industrial grinding products of 3M China LTD., introduced the application of 3M products in small diameter and large diameter cutter respectively. The 3M grinding wheel is specially designed for the miniature cutter, which helps the external material layer to be better maintained on the substrate, and increases the overall strength of the grinding wheel. In addition, the grinding grain thickness increased to 9.2mm, greatly improving the grinding wheel life. The introduction of 3M large diameter rotary tool grinding program involves 3M grinding products and their application in the tool industry, tool types and processes, successful cases, grinding wheel dressing, and the influence of grinding parameters.

3M has been involved in the field of abrasive cloth and wheel grinding since the beginning of last century. After more than 100 years of development, 3M's grinding technology has helped users around the world to achieve precision grinding of tools successfully. The ultra-high shape retention and cutting performance of 3M grinding wheel, extremely high grinding efficiency, easy finishing advantages and efficient service can help users improve productivity, shorten the processing cycle time and reduce the cost of grinding. 3M wants users to test their products at the factory and feel a significant improvement in efficiency and quality.


To better serve Chinese customers, 3M plans to start manufacturing X series of grinding wheels at 3M's taicang plant in the third quarter, providing local service and shipping the products within a month. 3M will be closer to Chinese customers through localized production and service, and improve manufacturing speed and response speed. By virtue of this new product launch event, 3M also learned more about customer needs and answered the doubts raised by customers on site. 3M hopes to speed up the pace of product innovation, maintain and optimize product quality, and improve the level of pre-sales and after-sales services to meet customer needs to the maximum and better adapt to the manufacturing requirements of the new era.









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