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Henan superhard material discipline and industry development report released

2018-05-15 16:19:39 241browse Class:Industry news

Henan branch network information superhard material is known as "industrial teeth", henan is the leader of the domestic superhard material industry, the output accounts for more than 80 percent of the national market. On March 26, the reporter learned from the provincial science and technology association that the henan superhard material discipline and industry development report (hereinafter referred to as the report) was released, which pointed out the direction for henan superhard material industry to further exert its advantages and grow into the "super-hard" industry in China's manufacturing industry.

Henan superhard material industry forms overall competitive advantage

Superhard materials are diamond, cubic boron nitride and related composites. Gao wensheng, vice President and secretary general of the provincial mechanical engineering society, said, "" since the birth of China's first artificial diamond in henan province in 1963, henan has become a source of radiation for domestic research and development center of ultra-hard materials and technical talents." "

According to the report, henan province is the most concentrated area of super hard materials and products enterprises in China, with nearly 300 million enterprises producing super hard materials and products. In 2016, the sales revenue of super hard materials and products industry in the province reached 30 billion yuan, and the industrial added value exceeded 10 billion yuan. In 2016, the total output of central south diamond, Yellow River cyclone and zhengzhou huajing, the top three diamond producing enterprises in henan province, accounted for more than 80% of the national total. And the production of CBN is almost all in henan province, production of more than 95% of the national total.

In addition, henan province also has "zhengzhou abrasives and abrasive tools grinding research institute", "ultra-hard materials grinding tools national key laboratory (under construction)", "national super-hard materials and products engineering technology center" and other national industrial technology institutions. Whether market share or technical field, henan superhard materials and products industry has formed an overall competitive advantage in the country.

Continuous breakthroughs in key technologies bring bright prospects

The report shows that during the 12th five-year plan period, a large number of major achievements in scientific research and industrialization in each sub-field of super-hard material industry in henan province have been achieved with international frontier technology level, and the industrial development space has been expanded.

For example, the successful research and development of bulk nano-polycrystalline diamond will lead to a revolutionary progress in the field of diamond tools and solve the difficult problem of high-difficulty material processing in the fields of aerospace, national defense and military industry. The research and development of gem-grade diamond was successful and put into industrialized production, which broke the technological monopoly of foreign countries and made China become the world's largest producer and seller of synthetic diamond. The chip diamond monocrystalline material used in strategic emerging industries such as modern communications has broken through key technologies and realized industrialization, broke the market monopoly of developed countries for more than 20 years, and has been sold to domestic and foreign markets in large quantity

Due to the breakthrough of many key technologies, some enterprises in henan province saw cutting tool technology to reach the world's leading level. "China's new diamond cutting tool industry is booming. Since the first half of 2017, the diamond powder industry has been in short supply. National superhard material industry base, chief expert professor Wang Qin raw explained: "at present, the global pv industry, IT industry, wire cutting tool manufacturing industry is concentrated on China for silicon wafers, LED lighting equipment, electronic products, high-grade and protective screen, military equipment, display screen and other processing, need high efficiency, precision and low cost of new type of diamond wire cutting tool, the market demand is huge."

Making "industrial teeth" with intelligent manufacturing

In the implementation of "made in China 2025", intelligent manufacturing is the main direction of attack. The application field of superhard materials is broad, and it is the perfect carrier of green, efficient and intelligent processing. How to use intelligent manufacturing to grind the "industrial teeth" of super hard materials to ensure its healthy and orderly development?

According to the report, for the superhard material industry, the automation level of material production and diamond saw blade and line saw production is relatively high, and the intelligent design and manufacturing should be encouraged and supported in these fields. The automation level of other products is relatively low, and the automation of connected machines should be regarded as the main goal during the 13th five-year plan period, and the design and manufacturing intelligentization should be achieved in part by 2025.

Although henan province has formed obvious competitive advantages in the industry chain of superhard materials and products, the problem of "large but not strong" is becoming more and more prominent. For example, the production technology and equipment technology are mainly medium and low-grade products, which cannot meet the development requirements of high-end products and green production, and the industry chain is in urgent need of high-end transformation and upgrading.

In this regard, the report suggests that henan province should speed up the transformation and development of new material industry, adhere to "high-end, composite and product", and build a leading domestic and internationally renowned superhard material production base as soon as possible. The government further increased support for the construction of the innovation system in the superhard materials industry; Set up the first spot trading center of superhard materials in henan province and set up the "henan price" and "China price" of ultra-hard materials.

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